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Classic Gnocchi with broccoli and bacon.

Classic Gnocchi with broccoli and bacon

If there is a heaven for pasta sinners, this must be the dish served there.

For this recipe I chose gnocchi because the ingredients tend to “nest” in them, so you get a nice surprise even when you eat just one.

However, you can substitute them with literally any common type of pasta and you get great results. You can also double the quantities for maximum deliverance…

Laziness Factor: 1

(where 0 is finding sand on a beach and 4 is turning a desert into Hawaii)


Ingredients for 2-3 servings

– 250g gnocchi

– 300g frozen broccoli florets

(or an entire fresh broccoli cut in florets)

– 75g bacon in cubes or slices

– 2 garlic cloves

– 150g half cream (low-fat)

– salt, pepper, olive oil



Start boiling the gnocchi. Boil them 1 minute less than the indicated cooking time.




Cut your broccoli into florets. I got as far as buying frozen broccoli this time…




Put the broccoli and the bacon in a pan with hot olive oil over high heat. When the bacon fat has melted, add the garlic.




When the garlic starts to turn brown, add the cream and lower the heat to minimum. Season with salt and pepper.




When the pasta is ready, drain, add to the sauce and stir.




Serve either with grated cheese or, preferably, freshly ground pepper. Bon appetit!



For the visual types among us, here is a video of the same recipe:


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Why pasta?

Pasta is a great ingredient for quick and delicious dishes. Perfect pasta dishes don't always have to be hard to prepare. According to Lazy Pasta there is "an easy pasta recipe for every human on the planet".

Although it's hard to tell which country pasta originates from (whether it's Italy or China), the history of pasta is long and interesting.

Truth be told, pasta has become popular as an ingredient of the Italian cuisine and it forms part of the Mediterranean diet. Pasta dishes can be ordered and devoured in various Italian restaurants all around the world.

The secret of the pasta may lie in its simplicity. It is usually made of white flour or wheat flour, but today we also have the options of whole wheat pasta and, more recently, gluten-free pasta.

Then again, the list of ingredients that can be used in a pasta recipe is endless; The sauce can be anything for a simple tomato sauce to bechamel sauce, white sauce with cream or other dressings. Garlics and onions are great friends of pasta, vegetables and other greens like parsley, dill, spinach, zucchini, peppers, broccoli and mint can be found in various recipes, while cheese is an absolute ticket to success, either grated, sliced or baked on top.

No matter how elaborate a pasta recipe is, the result can be mouth-watering and is certain to please everyone's palate.

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