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Our pasta manifesto: why pasta has conquered the world


No wonder everyone loves pasta: ever since it was invented in Sicily -the first scripts are dated back to 1154- and industrialized in Naples in the 15th century, pasta has probably run a long course in time, proving its popularity as a fresh product which is easy to produce, easy to store, easy to cook and rich in complex carbohydrates.


What Lazy Pasta is aboutDSC_8371

The “laziness” in Lazy Pasta¬† is not at all about being bored: it refers to an amazing ability you have as a cook to enjoy a complete hot meal in as little as 15 minutes.

By boiling your pasta and preparing a sauce simultaneously, you can get to eat a savoury dish much faster than it would be delivered to you at home by a restaurant.


DSC_8343Why pasta often makes a better combination

We don’t believe in “automatic” meals and solutions that might do harm in exchange for some minutes.

This is exactly what pasta enables us to do: combine its carbohydrates with a wide range of healthy foods and ingredients, far away from saturated fats, disguised substances, low quality meats and excessively high glycemic indexes.

Pasta can be paired with meat, vegetables, a simple tomato sauce or cheeses. It is more nutritious than, let’s say, potatoes and it can be served warmer than bread.

Wholemeal pasta contains even less calories and has a lower glycemic index, so it can be used in low-calorie diets, and there is even gluten-free pasta for you out there.


A world of changeDSC_8356-001

Pasta comes in 310 forms, in so many different shapes, colours or fillings. When cooking pasta you can almost never run out of ideas, because the options are limitless.

This makes your daily pasta scenario, not an one-way street that confines you, but a crossroads to lead you to places where you might not have been before.

It is a world that is constantly changing, waiting to be discovered…



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