easy pasta recipes for every human on the planet

10 Easy Pasta Recipes That Will Please and Impress

As time is the factor in our everyday lives, we have simplified some classic pasta recipes, so that anyone can cook a quick pasta dish – and devour it. 😉

Here we go!


Easy Spaghetti al Pesto Genovese


Pesto Genovese is actually one of the easiest and healthiest sauces you can make for your spaghetti.

Provided you have the basil (I always have some plants in pots), it’s a sauce you don’t boil, you don’t fry and it doesn’t fail!

All you need is your food processor.



Rigatoni alla Puttanesca


Spaghetti alla puttanesca wasn’t named after an actual prostitute, as the etymology of puttana (whore in Italian) might suggest.

If you have found out there are some olives and caper buds left in the kitchen, you should take a chance on this one…



Spaghetti with aubergine and red pepper


Τhe texture of the aubergine can very easily fool you and be mistaken for meat.

However, this is a quite light vegetarian dish and one that will satisfy you with its flavor.



Ravioli with mushrooms and parsley


This is proof that simple can be fascinating.

Ravioli with mushrooms and parsley is a very quick recipe that is not demanding in any way.

All it takes is some fresh (or even frozen) parsley to take it to the next level.

Truth be told, the cream also helps…



Spaghetti with tuna and cumin

Pasta with Tuna and Cumin

What is amazing here is that tuna, widely consumed in cans, feels so much like fresh fish/meat, thanks to the combination with the cumin, this wonderful spice used very often in the cuisines of the Mediterranean, Latin America, North Africa and South Asia.

In Morocco it’s got its own container on the table, the Turks put its seeds in their “Tavuk Izgara”, the Greeks use it in the “Soutzoukakia” and in Spain, if you don’t mind at all about an issue, you “mind a cumin”.



Tortellini with Frankfurters and cream


The real star of this recipe is hidden: it’s two eggs!…

It often takes very little to make a special dish. Here, the eggs combine the cream with the sausages, while the parsley colors the dish and represents the vegetable kingdom…



Spaghetti with olives in tomato sauce


Ah! The olives!

This blessed Mediterranean fruit can really stand out in a recipe, so it has to be used rather moderately.

But when you add some pitted olives in a simple tomato sauce with peppers, everything becomes so much tastier…


Casarecce with salmon in white sauce


Salmon is famous for its beneficial omega-3 fats, but it also offers an amazing percentage of daily needed vitamins D and B12.

A light white sauce and some pepper on casarecce would be its ideal match for a guaranteed pleasure for refined palates…



Gnocchi with broccoli and bacon


If there is a heaven for pasta sinners, this must be the dish served there.

For this recipe I chose gnocchi because the ingredients tend to “nest” in them, so you get a nice surprise even when you eat just one.

However, you can substitute them with literally any common type of pasta and you get great results. You can also double the quantities for maximum deliverance…



Pappardelle all’ uovo with spring onions and cream


A fresh ingredient like a spring onion can be distinctive enough to carry the weight of an entire recipe.

Here, the spring onion finds an ally in the sun-dried tomato, which in turn brings in a rich, slightly sour taste to a recipe that was sweeter because of the cream and onions…


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All the Lazy Pasta recipes are presented in photos, which guide through the step-by-step process, and they all end up with their respective pasta recipe video.

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Why pasta?

Pasta is a great ingredient for quick and delicious dishes. Perfect pasta dishes don't always have to be hard to prepare. According to Lazy Pasta there is "an easy pasta recipe for every human on the planet".

Although it's hard to tell which country pasta originates from (whether it's Italy or China), the history of pasta is long and interesting.

Truth be told, pasta has become popular as an ingredient of the Italian cuisine and it forms part of the Mediterranean diet. Pasta dishes can be ordered and devoured in various Italian restaurants all around the world.

The secret of the pasta may lie in its simplicity. It is usually made of white flour or wheat flour, but today we also have the options of whole wheat pasta and, more recently, gluten-free pasta.

Then again, the list of ingredients that can be used in a pasta recipe is endless; The sauce can be anything for a simple tomato sauce to bechamel sauce, white sauce with cream or other dressings. Garlics and onions are great friends of pasta, vegetables and other greens like parsley, dill, spinach, zucchini, peppers, broccoli and mint can be found in various recipes, while cheese is an absolute ticket to success, either grated, sliced or baked on top.

No matter how elaborate a pasta recipe is, the result can be mouth-watering and is certain to please everyone's palate.

Share this recipe and let other citizens of the planet devour Lazy Pasta!

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